Internet Freedom is Love (2012)

by Urbantramper

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Aaron C. Hollis
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Aaron C. Hollis It has a hazy electro-pop sort of sound, but that might be misleading. Urbantramper crafts beautiful songs that never fail to entertain, it's hard to pick a favorite track. Favorite track: Kate Bush Save My Life.
Nick Brown
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Nick Brown I bought this album because I played in a band that supported UT at Mighty Mighty one night. I enjoyed their sound, but to be honest, I wasn't listening carefully. Later, I put this album on on a long car trip and was blown away. I feel like this album takes me on a journey. I don't quite know what that jouney is just yet, but I find out a little bit more every time I listen to it. It's just great. Favorite track: Green Light.


Internet Freedom is Love : an album dedicated to the
sharing of sentiment and ideas across distance. This is
Urbantramper's homage to the new poetics of wifi,
email, and online chat.
ElectricUTOPIA is an aural representation of unrealised dreams. It's the soundtrack to the future we forgot;
idealistic pop for the wireless.


released May 10, 2012

Urbantramper are: Lake: vocals, keys, bass, percussion, electronics | Phill Jones: bass, keys, vocals | Andy Hoy: Drums | | Other musical contributions: Backing Vocals: Talei Smith, Hula Hope, Guerschon Moise, Scott McKenzie, Brooke Singer, Charlotte Godreau, Timothy Blackman, Kate Uhe | Trumpet: Matt Enright | Cello: Kate Uhe | Violin: Su Keates.

Thank you very much to: the Home Alone Music team, Sarah Miller/Ginger Jane (website), understanding flatmates, The NZ music community (artists & appreciators), previous members of Urbantramper, friends & family...

Recorded, produced & mixed by Lake & Urbantramper.

Mastered by Timothy Armstrong:

Artwork by Freelance:



Track Name: Know My Kind
Know My Kind

We come from the south live in safety friend
We left in search of stillness without end
i'm the type who comes to loath the life
once it's chosen then we lose our right to strife

when I climb that hill
you're climbing with me

when I ride that road
you're riding with me

take my hand
feel the warmth of my love

know my kind
lost in the light

There's a road to days without such doubt
took it just far enough to find out
that I coud not take her with me....

Know my kind...
Track Name: Utopia in Williamsburg
Could we create the most beautiful love?
Did we ever run fully clothed into water?
All my ghosts have been killers cowards of the night
they'd kill for a cure none of us dieing
I'd like to talk about the politics of the day
But you'll have fun some other way some other day's begun

How I wish I could remember tender whispers in the dark
I've fallen far to this reap this reflection
You bought me one last craft beer an unfamiliar smile
there's still so much I saved to say
I'd like to ask you bout the details of your day
But you'll have fun some other way some other day's begun

joe & I observed a movement at the tuneyards
and we could feel it rising up
music and joy coming to you
and we could feel it rising up
spring it will belong to my friend , and us all
& we could hear the chorus grow
Emily rose she could sing it
& we could hear the chorus grow
and we could feel it rising up
fists to the sky not taking no shit
and we could feel it rising up
fists to the sky not taking no shit
and we could feel it rising up

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