Tomorrow We Leave Here

by Urbantramper



Electric Sea Shanties written for the Poor Sailors Arts production: NeverBefore:A colony for Urban Change.


released March 1, 2013

All Songs by Urbantramper.
Urbantramper are:
Lake, Phill & Andy.
Vorn Colgan sings BVs on a couple of tracks.
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Track Name: Sailors
Chorus x 2 (Am D Am D
Verse (Am D C D)
Know that we’re sailors
Cold blooded whalers
cursed to be chosen
at peace on the ocean
Response: (C [+ D6 + G6] D [+D6 +F#6])
cursed to be chosen
at peace on the ocean

See that you’ve beauty
your countenance soothing
nothing will drown me
liike deep of the blue sea

Chorus x 2 (Am D Am D

Share this revelry
live fast & love blindly
A madness is breathing
we’re ghosts and you’re dreaming

Tomorrow we leave here
It’s stillness that we fear
farewell to this dry earth
our thirst began at birth

Chorus x 2 (Am D Am D

Bridge (F D)x3
And we will roam
at sea we’re home

Outro (Am F Am) (C [+ D6 + G6] D [+D6 +F#6])
Then (Am F Am) repeat
And then we go south to seek the war
And then we go east to ‘scape the law
and then we go north in search of love
and then we go west to chase the sun
Track Name: Planes
And there is wonder in these planes and the joy of getting older
entered under blinfold and squinted in the daylight
throw me a party
show me a good time
throw me a party
bring love and liquour

look in my eye and leave what you know is true
there is warmth without cover in our future of neon
throw me a party
show me a good time
throw me a party
bring love and liquour

All things magnificent will happen in this darkness.
took the streets in daybreak anticipating madness
call me your lover
i'll give you pleasure
call me your lover
this wild passion
Track Name: Sail On
Years on the beaches with liquor & leeches
we lay on the sand of gold

with darkness a game we would dance by the flames &
scream notions mad & true!

Now fire will burn through our cities we learn
we must leave our leave our homes.

On the edge of the
empty unknown
we dance between

Those futures that gleam
and hollow hearts
of the overcome

Filth & dark all over me
screens of apathy
through the pixilated rain
can i see your face?

Friends will guard your home
& keep it warm
on your return

Take this boat I built
from broken dreams
& sail on...

Cables moor us to a past
of dryness grey & cold
wireless we ride the wind
no hired hand to hold
Track Name: My Heart Beats Slow
The sentiment locked deep within
this vector font, straight lines of love
My heart beats slow, My heart beats slow

The` screen it dulls your glow for me
your voice is cut by time & sea
My heart beats slow, My heart beats slow

Memory gone fooled my mind
I love someone they left behind
My heart beats slow, My heart beats slow

Some have said my heart ‘ll grow
but I feel it fade each time we go
My heart beats slow, My heart beats slow


Ocean deep & valley wide!
Distance of our dream/truth divide!

I will see just what you show!
Listen while my heart beats slow!

Verse 2

Journey woke the dream she knew,
a disbelief in forever grew
her heart beats slow, her heart beats slow

One can wait when one can see
but time it takes all hope from me
this heart beats slow, this heat beats slow...
Track Name: Great Open Sea
I've lost patience for dry land
and this slow and powerless fate
Is this life guided by my hands?
Or the man, his coin and the state?

And there's some solace in sweethearts
and in beer drunk among friends

But the gloom grows in the daylight
as we sell our souls to the scum
There's a glory just beyond our sight
it's been passed from father to son

So we'll set our sails tomorrow
and tonight we'll drink merrily
With the wind there's a way to find freedom
on the waves of the great open sea...
Track Name: Benders, Broken Hearts, Beacons and Stars
Verse (Bm D F# ])
Wake with the weight of their god & their gold
wake to a future of concrete & cold HEY

bound by the wires of circuits that grow
bound by the truth that he knows HEY HO

A lightness is felt as the fool looks away
A lightness of being only felt while it’s day HEY

At great speed he flees from his friends & his foes
though carnage will stay when he goes HEY HO

Chorus (G A Bm, G A Bm, A F#m G, B)

the vagrant? he longs to be free from his ghosts
though wind and the waves take him far from the coast
just as he leaves it will make itself known
at night it will glow

Crowds of crew cheer ancient rhythms of sea
bonds form with haste when the rum sets us free HEY

revellers come down as the moon pulls the tide
together alone fighting phantoms they hide HEY

oceans & roads & great years spent afar
benders & broken hearts, beacons & stars HEY

There’s no thing to do & there’s no place to go
Haunted he’ll die and he knows HEY HO

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